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Films Galore

01 May Films Galore

I decided to spend part of this weekend watching some of the latest DVD releases, most of which had only received lukewarm reviews from film critics. So, as I settled down to watch the films, I wondered whether this would be several hours of wasted time. My film choices were: Passengers, Allied and Sully.

Allied certainly looked good on paper: a Second World War spy film and a love story to boot, but what a disappointment; the trailer actually gave away most of the plot and Brad Pitt was just so awful in the lead role; his acting was wooden and completely unconvincing. The best way to sum that film up- a waste of the £4.99 download fee!  However, Passengers was far better! Avalon is a commercial spacecraft making a historic 120-year voyage to Homestead II; its 5,000 passengers and crew are in a state of suspended animation for the duration of the journey. Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer, is suddenly jolted back to consciousness when an asteroid hits the spaceship. Realising he faces 90 years of solitude, he eventually decides to awaken Aurora, a writer and journalist. Jim and Aurora quickly fall in love and then Aurora inadvertently learns what Jim has done to her. I won’t give any more away other than saying that, despite some tepid reviews from film critics, I rather liked Passengers and would definitely recommend it to others. Finally, on Sunday evening, I steeled myself to watch Sully; a film to be avoided if you are about to embark on any kind of plane journey.  On 15 January 2009, American pilot Chesley Sullenberger landed his crippled passenger jet on the Hudson river, saving the lives of all 155 passengers on board. The film mainly focuses on the investigation which follows the crash. It wasn’t a spectacular film but it was solidly made and well acted and certainly proved to be a worthwhile couple of hours!


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