Very occasionally a book comes along that can make a real difference to your life. For me, ‘Untangling You’ was that book! It really helped me to process some of the reasons we can fall into the trap of self resentment, yearning for everything in our lives to be perfect. Dr Kerry Howells has carefully structured her book with chapters on identifying how resentment can develop and then providing meaningful ways to move towards practising deep gratitude. I loved the quotes, some dating back to antiquity, that provided a beautiful lyrical context to a very practical, self-help book.
I also bought this book for a friend to help her process some of the problems she has recently faced in her own personal life. However, ‘Untangling You’ is equally illuminating and insightful for anyone struggling with challenging professional relationships at work. It should now become a key text in all leadership development courses!!

“Trying to address the resentment we feel from difficult relationships is perhaps the greatest test of all, and therefore presents the greatest opportunity for self-growth.”

Dr Kerry Howells: Untangling You: how can I be grateful when I feel so resentful?

I can thoroughly recommend this book, not only for those of us wanting to acquire more inner peace and calm in our often complex and busy 21st Century lives but for anyone wanting to maintain and develop positive workplace cultures.