After an early career as a professional singer with international contracts,  Dr Michael Bonshor developed a diverse portfolio of work as a performer, teacher, conductor, choral arranger, director, and workshop leader.  He has run his own professional theatre company, opera group, and jazz ensemble, alongside maintaining a well-established private teaching practice. Michael has also taught extensively in primary and secondary schools, Further Education colleges, and Higher Education institutions.

In this episode, we learn more about Michael’s book, The Confident Choir, and delve into the fascinating world of music psychology. We learn about Michael’s research on overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety, as well as the best ways to cultivate confidence in musicians or anyone who has struggled with their own public speaking or presentational skills. 

In our conversation,  Michael addresses another curious phenomenon: why is it so challenging for performers to bid farewell to the stage? Through engaging insights and anecdotes, he unravels the complexities related to retirement.  So whether you’re a musician seeking to conquer your stage fright or a leader looking to cultivate confidence and creativity in your team, this episode promises a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.