Andy Cope has been described as a ‘wellbeing revolutionary’. His mission is to change the narrative and re-focus psychology away from what’s wrong with people to what’s right. His messages act as a gentle nudge towards people taking charge of their own mental health. Andy’s books are frequently on the best-sellers list. ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, ‘Shine’, and ‘Zest’ have all topped the personal development charts. ‘The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence’ and Leadership: Multiplier Effect’ are riding high in the business charts and ‘Happiness Route Map’ was nominated as The Independent’s best self-help book of the year. Andy also moonlights as a children’s author. His ‘Spy Dog’ series has sold in excess of a million copies worldwide. In this episode, Andy shares his insights on various topics that impact our daily lives,  so tune in to this inspiring conversation to discover the keys to a more brilliant, balanced, and positive life. Whether you’re a teacher seeking work-life balance, looking to brighten your mornings, or dealing with ‘mood hoovers,’ this episode has something for everyone.