Susan Pallister

Welcome to the website of Susan Pallister-podcaster, writer and educational consultant. I am the founder of ‘The Independent Teacher Podcast’, a new educational programme that launched in September 2021, as…

Directed Instruction

Lessons can really focus on what students need to learn rather than devising creative activities where learning becomes almost secondary to task. A greater emphasis is placed on practising and demonstrating learning and understanding, rather than spending time trying to discover something that has taken the greatest minds of the past centuries to find.

Unreliable, Gorgeous Memories

In the last few months, I have been busy putting together a ‘memory book’ with my Mum. We have found so many lovely pictures dating back to the early 1930s,…

National Identity Crisis

In December 2015, only six months before the EU referendum, just 1% of a sample of the population in an IPSOS Mori poll indicated that Europe was an important issue. However, by April 2019 that figure had risen to a staggering 59%.

Happiness Is?

The concept of happiness began in the ancient world; at that time happiness was not something you could control. It was in the hands of the gods. The ancient philosophers developed their own approach namely that happiness is never simply a function of good feeling but rather of living good lives, lives that will almost certainly include a considerable amount of pain.