National Identity Crisis

In December 2015, only six months before the EU referendum, just 1% of a sample of the population in an IPSOS Mori poll indicated that Europe was an important issue. However, by April 2019 that figure had risen to a staggering 59%.

Happiness Is?

The concept of happiness began in the ancient world; at that time happiness was not something you could control. It was in the hands of the gods. The ancient philosophers developed their own approach namely that happiness is never simply a function of good feeling but rather of living good lives, lives that will almost certainly include a considerable amount of pain.

Remembering Passchendaele

The Passchendaele Offensive began on July 31 1917 and lasted a little over three months.
Torrential rain turned the battlefield into a sea of mud. By the beginning of November, the allies had gained only five miles of ground, with the loss of 240,000 men, 70,000 of them dead. German casualties numbered roughly the same at around 200,000. Historians still debate whether Passchendaele was worth the cost.

Promoting Diversity

Oxford University: Promoting Diversity This week, Oxford University has been in the news for two very different reasons. Firstly, it is making it compulsory for history undergraduates to write an…

Urban Foxes

In May 2015, Harry my cocker spaniel and I had the fright of our lives! Each day, we passed by some young foxes on our afternoon walk; they had rarely…