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Current affairs

04 Apr Co-operation with Europe

Stephen Church, Professor of Medieval History at the University of East Anglia has commented, "by triggering Article 50 to start Britain’s process of exiting the European Union, Theresa May will launch the country into the unknown. History provides examples of Britain leaving Europe – and sometimes...

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04 Feb Refugees and the USA

On Friday 27th January 2017,  Donald Trump signed an executive order which prevented refugees from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. He also committed the United States to building a wall on its border with Mexico as well as proposing that Mexican goods be taxed...

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02 Feb Isolation

It is 1984. We are sitting in the quaint tea room; there are about eight tables all of them occupied. But I am drawn to the table closest to the window. Its occupant is alone, she is elderly, well dressed in a smart blue cardigan buttoned...

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05 Apr The Panama Papers

Over the Easter holidays in 2016 I had been doing quite a bit of reading and research on the scandal surrounding the Panama Papers and in the process read one article about the impact of decolonisation on tax practices; I tweeted a link which was picked up and re-tweeted by...

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03 Mar Taxing Politicians

There have been some fascinating insights published in History Today focusing on the tax affairs of politicians from the past; Churchill has come in for particular scrutiny. David Lough’s article states: “Churchill paid tax quite happily for the first 40 years of his life. His attitude changed after the...

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