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17 Jun Remembering JFK

John F Kennedy was born 100 years ago on May 29, 1917. He was the youngest man to enter the White House. Gregory Frame, Lecturer in Film Studies, Bangor University comments that “he epitomised the promise of a new era in American politics.” Kennedy recognised...

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12 Apr Medieval Selfies

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a ‘selfie’ as something quite basic and simplistic, namely a ‘photographic self-portrait’. However, in many senses selfies are nothing new; if we remove the photographic aspect of a selfie and include self-portraits made with pen and ink then we can...

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04 Apr Co-operation with Europe

Stephen Church, Professor of Medieval History at the University of East Anglia has commented, "by triggering Article 50 to start Britain’s process of exiting the European Union, Theresa May will launch the country into the unknown. History provides examples of Britain leaving Europe – and sometimes...

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03 Apr Edwardian Bookplates versus Tattoos

The tattoo has been in and out of fashion since Victorian times, nevertheless, for many people, it is currently the ultimate way to express your personality. Brooklyn Beckham, who recently turned eighteen, posted this image on his Instagram account proudly displaying his first tattoo to his...

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03 Apr Toy Soldiers

This post is based on a fascinating article which appeared in History Today charting the role of children's toys in acclimatising youngsters to war and conflict around the world. Many thanks to Philip Kirby, Associate Research Fellow in Geography at the University of Exeter, Sean Carter a Senior Lecturer in...

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20 Feb Medieval Book Curses

When I left secondary school in June 1982, I had a good look around my parent's house and found quite a few books which needed to be returned to the school library. I gathered them together and struggled up two flights of stairs to reach...

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