In the ninth episode of ‘The Independent Teacher Podcast’, I talked with Leanne Jones and Rebecca Jones about Drama Tots, and the importance of learning through play.  However, research by Rachel Bryant Davies from Queen Mary University of London indicates that learning through play is, in fact, an age-old concept; literature from the 18th and 19th centuries provides clear evidence for this. And just like Drama Tots, back then, there was also an important emphasis on the power of storytelling.

“Stories often featured ancient heroes and heroines as role models for boys and for girls to promote cultural expectations. Examples included contentious figures such as the Roman general Marius, or British queen Boudica.”

Rachel Bryant Davies: Home schooling is hundreds of years old-here’s what its history teaches us about learning through play. The Conversation August 11th 2021.

And just like today, “Between 1750 and 1914, puzzles, toys, board and card games, magazines and community plays were all used for educational purposes.” So, the parallels and similarities are clear for all to see. To learn more, read Rachel Bryant Davies’ article in full.